About r42

Interfaces for people

r42 is a multidisciplinary team of experts in user experience, information architecture and programming.

Each one of us is dedicated to creating the best experience possible.

The answer to life, the universe and everything.

We joke that we have the answer to life, the universe and everything, but in reality we’re all about finding the right answer for the best user experience possible. And we’ve been doing this since before there were labels to put on our jobs.

r42 is a multidisciplinary team – user experience experts, information architects, interaction designers  and programmers – who sift through the multitude of possibilities in technology and design to find and match the sweet spot for your business objectives and building the right experience for your users.

We’re also experts in site architecture and deployment with Kentico. As gold partners, we’ve developed well over 60 sites in the Kentico framework, working with the CMS since its infancy to its current status as a top notch Gartner Magic Quadrant Enterprise-Level CMS. r42 is the most experienced web agency in Quebec in the development of Kentico websites.

The team

Ralph Spandl
Ralph Spandl President, Information Architect

Over 20 years of experience in the field he combines with passion and discipline: that's why you want to work with r42.

Alice O'Brien
Alice O'Brien Internet UX Strategist

Alice was born in the Internet, well at least that’s what someone must assume considering her knowledge about Internet trends, content strategy, user experience, social media and SEO.

Timur Kiosse
Timur Kiosse Certified Kentico Developer & Motion Designer

Timur is our Kentico Mastermind. There are few secrets the software has yet to reveal to him as he brings code, design and content together under his skilled and ingenious touch.

Roméo Labonté
Roméo Labonté Full-Stack Dev

Roméo is one of the rare species that are fully dedicated to the front-end, be it HTML, CSS or JavaScript, LESS, NODE or... A full-stack front-end developer, he does it all.

Joëlle Beauregard
Joëlle Beauregard Web Designer

Joelle is in charge of interface design. She is all about what's on the screen. As an r42 web interface designer, she also knows how to code and grudgingly finds her way around in Kentico.

Marilyn B. Armand
Marilyn B. Armand Administration

Specialist in organisation, Marilyn takes care of the a-b-c's and the 1-2-3's. She writes, researches, counts and administers r42.

Sébastien Trudel
Sébastien Trudel Project Manager

Coming from a QA background, he brings technical know-how from A-Z. "Charmingly" awkward, he is easy to work with, pays attention to detail and helps make the process run smoothly.

Renaud Baril
Renaud Baril QA Specialist

As our QA, Renaud spends his time looking for bugs and breaking things that the rest of the team spend their time creating... Everything to be hated... well, if not for his kind easy smile and his remarkable team spirit!

Julien Desrosiers
Julien Desrosiers Full-Stack Dev

Julien appears to be a perfect match for a stereotypical programmer: bald, bearded, and wears glasses. But if you dig just a little, you'll discover a tender and joyous heart!

What they say about us

  • Canadian National Dream big

    We heard about r42 through one of our suppliers and made the decision to work with them to deliver a custom development portal. From the beginning they showed how committed they were to helping us achieve our end goal, under impossibly tight deadlines.

    The r42 team made themselves available around the clock which allowed us to not only dream big but to actually deliver. Even after the site went live, their commitment was still evident as their customer service never waned whether it was to adjust small glitches or to make continued improvements or enhancements. We recommend the r42 services without hesitation. 

    CN Talent Management Team, Canadian National
  • YMCA of Quebec A true partner

    The team at r42 is a true partner, in every way. Ralph, Alice and the staff have accompanied us through a complicated website redesign and have been great allies. Kentico has proved to be a great choice of CMS for us. We have absolute faith in their expertise and have found all our interactions with them to have been transparent, efficient and fun.

    I would warmly recommend r42 to anyone looking for a talented and reliable web agency.

    Charmian Harvey, YMCA of Quebec
  • Roncalli International Foundation Great professionalism

    Ralph and his r42 team develop a sense of belonging with their customers. They look for a real collaboration and mutual understanding that goes beyond the technical work.

    Despite the complexity of our internal processes, we are always amazed how Ralph understands what is experienced in-house. That is precious. We always feel that he is in our head, that he wants to understand, he is a family member. Great professionalism.

    Sophie Labrecque, MBA, Roncalli International Foundation
  • SPB Organizational Psychology From rigor to innovation!

    SPB Organizational Psychology was developping an online competency repository with a very small team. In addition, the company wanted to offer a useful and innovative solution to its HR clients.

    Ralph Spandl and his team offered us all its methodological rigor. They showed us the existing options. They helped us to clearly define expectations. And we have found ways to meet the milestones with a fixed cost budget.

    Not only did we learn a lot about meeting project milestones, but we also fully exploited the capabilities of technology to better innovate. Whether at a functional or aesthetic level, the solution gives us as much satisfaction as the development of the project itself. Working with Ralph is the guarantee that the rigor of a project is the basis of any good product.

    Jean-Baptiste Audrerie, SPB Organizational Psychology
  • CHU Ste-Justine Collaborative approach and concern for satisfaction

    I would like to thank you for your professionalism and commitment to this project. Your expertise and customer-centric approach have contributed greatly to the success of this project within all its constraints. Deploying a developing LMS in an organization of 6,000 employees that is in the process of setting up a new digital architecture is a great challenge. The risks are great and the expectations are just as great. However, the spirit of analysis, the collaborative approach and the concern for satisfaction have been key factors for success and certainly will be in the next steps.

    Manuel Grandmont, CHU Ste-Justine
  • Damotech Comprehensive and well thought out

    Ralph and his team have put together 4 websites for my various businesses
    and I have always had great feedback from our clients about their onsite experience. r42's approach to building a site is both comprehensive and well thought out, allowing the represented company to deliver the intended user experience to its target audience.

    I would strongly recommend the services of such a dynamic team that delivers on its promises.

    Eric Naaman, Damotech
  • Clemex Technologies Entirely satisfied!

    Clemex is fully satisfied with the web project, both in terms of the respected budget, the CMS solution and after sales: A personalized service that perfectly meets our reality.

    A big thank you Ralph for your availability! And thanks to all to the team!

    Julie Houde, Clemex Technologies
  • Tel-jeunes A plea for your users

    Working with r42 means being confident that your business needs are translated into innovative digital solutions for the technological expertise and advocacy of your users are always at the heart of their practice.

    Because their team is strong, complementary, generous and has a common love for well done work, they are people it is fun to work with. 

    Véronique Maurer, Tel-jeunes
  • PWL Capital r42 Turns Our Questions into the Right Online Strategy

    r42 helps us make sense of the online world. They live in that world everyday so they’re up on what’s just a trend versus what’s actually useful to us. Ralph and r42 understand our needs and those of our clients. In the many years since our first project together in 2008, we’ve developed shorthand that allows us to get things done efficiently and effectively.

    We have recently completed a 2nd incarnation of our website with them, and will commence our 3rd in the coming year. Ralph and his team are always there and ready to turn our questions into the right online strategy to meet our business and communication goals. Even better, we know they’ll get it done and done right.

    Maggie Alongi, PWL Capital
  • Jobwings ENFIN!

    It took us nearly 10 years to find a trusted web partner with whom trust is such that project management and quality assurance are truly part of the service. Whatever the complexity of the project entrusted, it is with simplicity, method and rigor that r42 always delivers.

    Manuel Francisci, Jobwings