Keep your business objectives in mind.

Initiating a process of continuous improvement

How to ensure that your website responds effectively to ever changing business objectives? Paying attention. A long-term strategy of closely monitoring your analytics with well-defined objectives is the key to identifying problems and trends, and staying on target.

A solid monitoring and measurement system is the opportunity to obtain evidence about what works and what does not. You can test hypotheses, measure the impact of changes on the metrics that are relevant to your objectives and identify and act for continuous improvement.

Setting up a monitoring system

r42 supports you in a continuous improvement process, by implementing and monitoring data that are of strategic importance to your business. Want to know what parts of your site generate the most interest? Want to increase your conversion rate? We identify and implement the indicators that will help you get these types of answers. For all quantifiable data, our tools include Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.


Our team offers the paths and actions for resolution to identified issues. We can also test multiple options and see which ones work best based on the collected evidence. Moreover, you will have real statistics on which to base your future decisions.