We began using Kentico in 2007. It is the only CMS we've used since then, simply because it fulfills our needs.

Kentico EMS

Kentico is a customizable and flexible content management platform as well as a powerful online marketing solution with built-in user segmentation, personalization, marketing automation and contact management. Here are some of our favorite features. 

Content Personalization and User Segmentation

When visiting your site, each visitor has their own agenda. Why should every person see the same content? With Kentico EMS, you gather information on visitors: page views, submitted forms (and their content), landing pages, etc. This information can be used to customize the site's content to the interests of each visitor.

For example, on a fitness center’s website, if we know that a user frequently checks swimming schedules, we could display the aquatics schedule for the current season on the home page without changing the experience for users more interested in basketball or general information.

By creating a personalized and highly-relevant website, there is a greater chance that the message will resonate with any given user. In the context of today's marketing overload, customers have little patience to hear what you’re telling them. So it’s critically important to tailor your messages to make them more relevant and interesting for each individual customer.

Video "What is Content Personalization & How Do I Use It", by Kentico.

Lead scoring and contact management

How to identify visitors really interested in your products or services? Kentico's Lead Scoring module allows you to assign points to your visitors based on their behavior (clicks, submitted forms, visited pages, downloaded documents, etc.). User information is collected in an integrated contact manager. At a glance you can see the most interesting prospects and save them to your CRM.

Video "What is Lead Scoring & How Do I Use It", by Kentico.

Marketing automation: keep in touch

With marketing automation you can turn a not-so-interested visitor into a curious visitor, then into a customer. How? By programming a series of events, according to a process defined by you.

Using the fitness center example, let’s say your visitor is interested in swimming lessons for his kids but all groups are already full. In addition to proposing other activities, this visitor could be asked to fill in his contact info so he can be contacted before the next registration period. At the appropriate time, he would receive the course schedule he is interested in and would be reminded of registration dates. Moreover, now that you know more about his interests and you have his email, you could program a mailing to tell him that the Centre offers many other activities for children. If the visitor does return to the site but still does not subscribe, after a preset delay, you could program a personalized marketing campaign on common social media.  

Video "What is Marketing Automation & How Do I Use It", by Kentico.

Built-in Web Analytics

Because Kentico has a built-in web analytics module you can measure just about anything, but most of all, you can display variable content according to parameters you define. For example, your web site can use this intelligence to automatically feature popular articles on the home page, measure marketing campaigns or setup AB testing and use the results to directly influence your website.

Content Management

Well, yes. That’s what is all about, empower your editors to take control over your web content. Kentico offers a vast selection of customizable modules with a super short learning curve. For a complete list of features, please visit

10 years and 70 sites later…

r42 is one of the most experienced Canadian web agencies in the development of Kentico websites, as indicated in the list of Kentico partners. As gold partners, we’ve developed well over 70 sites in the Kentico framework, working with the CMS since its infancy to its current status as a top notch, Gartner Magic Quadrant Enterprise-Level WCMS. We also contribute to its development by proposing features and participating to workshops and conferences. Our team counts two certified Kentico developers. But in fact, we all pretty much have our noses in the software. We know in upside-down and inside-out because we work with it everyday, from conception to content strategy and deployment to QA.