User Experience

We simplify complex ideas.

UX, as concerns the web, explores the relation between a user and an organization throughout a web interface. Can users fulfill their tasks efficiently and with satisfaction? For us, this involves working with businesses and to ensure that users are at the center of their decisions. Elegant interfaces, efficient interactions, consistent feedback, all for better usability. At r42, this is our contribution to the world one project at a time. With the right approach, even a task so uninteresting as an online bill payment can become thrilling. Well… almost.

Getting to know your ecosystem

Our research on your current and potential customers allows us to put ourselves in the shoes of your audience, understand their needs, goals and expectations. We study your site's use context, your analytical data and your competitors. This knowledge allows us to discuss features with you - those offered by all the others, those that are unnecessary, innovative or promising - and establish your content strategy.

Design the experience

We use many tools to develop strategies to achieve your digital objectives and build customized experiences for your users, with wireframes as the central output. We explore and refine ideas, clarify scenarios, define architecture and detail important element of you project via wireframes. This interactive tool enables effective collaboration with our customers, play and experiment with, to view, comment on and take decisions allowing our clients to fully participate in decisions.

Front-End Developpment

All our front-end development is done in-house with close collaboration between the UX, HTML and Kentico integration teams. The front-end is where the magic happens; all the ideas come together in this final layer, from the minutia of micro-moments, animations, feedback loops, to icons and imagery that delight and encourage discovery.