Multi-Prêts Mortgages

Mortgage prequalification application

  • UX suitable for everybody
  • Transactional web application connected to custom CRM
  • Immediate prequalification amount and credit score for applicants
  • Real-time reporting


r42 has been working as Multi-Prêts Mortgages' digital agency for three years now. As such, we had identified the prequalification process as a key online strategy. The organization set to work to eliminate roadblocks and opened the way to becoming an industry leader in this domain.


  • Build a state-of-the-art direct to consumer online application experience for mortgage prequalification,
  • deliver credit scores to users, and
  • deliver qualified leads into the Multi- Prêts CRM.

We assisted Multi-Prêts building the prequalification process which was a challenge given the concerns of industry regulations, user privacy, identification and the required accuracy of the response.

The new application form, while extremely simple to user, is part of a rather complex process that connects the front-end with the Equifax identity validation and the Multi-Prêts mortgage calculator.


An average user input time for two applicants is approximately 5 minutes with a certified response within an average of less than 45 seconds. The leads are immediately passed on to a broker.

The company initially received so many requests that we added friction points to discourage non-serious inquiries. The company still receives over one hundred inquiries a day.