PWL Capital

New corporate branding

  • New branding applied to current website
  • New responsive design
  • Content and structure kept unchanged

PWL Capital offers innovative boutique wealth management services to Canadian families. The company updated its branding - new logo, brand colours and tag line – thus requiring a website make over. A recent site architecture and graphic redesign, meant that structural and content changes would be kept to a minimum; this however was the perfect opportunity to render the site in a responsive design.

The greatest challenge that we faced was to keep 90% of the content as it was without having to make specific adjustments to the structure in order to support the new and responsive design. In fact, the only major structural change was made to accommodate content change to the home page.

The new design was applied to the old content structure by PWL’s designer. We worked with the PWL team to adapt these ideas so that they work with mobile browsers.


In the first 60 days post launch we’ve seen the percentage of visitors using tablets and mobile devices has risen 54% with engagement and depth of sessions increasing by 11% overall from the same period a year ago. Overall sessions are 39% longer with 46% improvement in page views. We saw a 533% increase in visits to the home page via mobile browsers and a 193% increase in visits via tablets.  All users showed an increased level of engagement.