Transat A. T.

Consumer Website Reimagined

  • Revitalized UX + new booking engine experience
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Compliance
  • Leveraged Kentico platform to streamline site content and product offering presentation
  • Responsive web design

Revitalized UX and responsive web design

We were given “carte blanche” for our creative ideas. Approximately one year after the initial ask, the site went online, presenting an engaging experience and a modern look and feel that works regardless of the device used. The new design features a layered design with a new booking engine, many high-resolution images to entice and inspire users, custom fonts, as well as a series of different tiles for the display of their product offering (flights or packages to a given destination or travel type, fare selection, date variants, etc.). 

WCAG 2.0 Level AA Accessibility Compliance

Due to regulations within the airline industry, Transat’s sites are required to meet very strict WCAG 2.0 Level AA Accessibility compliance. Meeting Level AA compliance requires completing tasks against a checklist for accessibility for every step of the development process. Beyond colour, every interaction, feedback, or response was carefully weighed for compliance and usability. 


The airline business is competitive with customers from around the world entering their desired itinerary directly in a search engine looking for the best price. Thus, ensuring that the flights show up in searches is critical to their business and especially ecommerce strategy. Page hierarchy, content placement, and careful detailed meta tags were of particular attention. 

Kentico features

The site is an ecommerce airline and vacation travel site with a complete reservation and after sales process, fully responsive and available in 32 different countries with 19 different language cultures. 
The use of widgets for the layered content, “content stack”, has made building pages very efficient and flexible.

To get a better grip on the enormous product offering – integrated via several third party back-ends – and to allow presenting the best deals in a highly visual manner, we also created a so called “Campaign Builder”, in the form of a custom Kentico module that allows the commercialization team to create offers that can be easily fed onto the pages. The offers take advantage of the geolocation that were added to the site.