YMCA of Quebec

Getting Ready For The Future

  • New mobile first design + enhanced IA
  • Integration with in-house activity database
  • Several sub-sites under the same hood
  • Extensive schedule and activity offering
  • Customizable + printable pdf schedules
  • De-centralized content management

Planning for the future

Our client, The YMCAs of Québec, wanted our help to identify current and future needs to determine whether switching to Kentico CMS was desirable in the short or medium term, their current CMS having almost reached its limit. We discussed different scenarios; it was decided to migrate the site on Kentico CMS, in order to eventually move to Kentico EMS. The YMCA team has seen the potential to jump in sooner than later. It was a sure bet because the site is now easier to manage, more flexible, mobile friendly, and provides a better organization of the multiple activities. 


The new design has been thought for us all, busy people, checking the pool schedule on a smartphone between meetings or registering the kids in soccer while waiting for the bus ... A responsive design much needed, since over 50% of site visitors now browse from a mobile device (compared to 20% before the redesign). Moreover, we have reviewed and structured information for easy search activities, either by selecting a particular YMCA, a specific time frame or a target age group. It is just an example of the new small features that make our lives easier and make the experience much more enjoyable.

Allow for multiple microsites 

To allow each YMCA center to have its own customizable space, we have created mini sites for each of them, in which they control the content, blog, news, etc. As always, we have paid special attention to SEO in order to improve rankings in the search engines.