Wireframe software – a must in interactive architecture

Before starting the programming of a website, there are many steps to be taken, such as information architecture or interaction design.

Good wireframe software should make the development process and interaction with clients easier. I have been looking for a tool that not only satisfies all our demands, but is also available for a reasonable price. You know, something that allows us to afford a good glass of wine at the end of the day.

The must-have feature checklist:

  • intuitive user interface
  • possibility to create master pages and reusable snippets
  • custom colours, fonts and styles
  • image import
  • complete GUI (graphical user interface) library, if possible extensible
  • a clear file hierarchy
  • for an easy collaboration with clients, the tool should work online or have good export functions

On this website we found a nice collection of links to wireframe software and I took a closer look at some of them.


Mockingbird is a free, completely web-based tool with an elegant interface: intuitive to use and an extensive GUI. While this is a great software for what I would consider to be scribbles, for more complex projects you´ll soon reach its limits: there is no file tree and there are no colours available.


I love the well-designed Interface of this German engineered, completely web-based software. You can get a free 30-day trial version and start working immediately with Pidoco. After the trial period, the license price varies between 10 EUR/month for a basic version to 90 EUR/month for expert-version. With the advanced version you can handle most of the things from our feature list, but the high price tag of minimum 40 EUR/month was the killer argument against this software.


You can download a 15-day trial and start working quickly. Wow, nice and clear interface, really easy to handle and most of our feature list is covered. At a $100 per license you get a great tool with a rich GUI library with fully functional widgets, custom colours and easy image import. The tool even offers two display modes: a sketch mode and a regular mode.

Presently however, it is rather complicated to export your work for online viewing. If you are looking for a wireframe software, Flairbuilder rates serious consideration.


This software claims to be “… the most advanced wireframe-software …”

Well, the look of the website and also the software itself could use some redesign and made me dubious, but I was able to easily start working with it. The software itself almost covers it all: real master pages and snippets, custom colours, automatic site map creation and notes for each single element. Oversite also automatically creates a list of all elements used in the project. The export of the project to html-files works flawlessly. Besides the look of the software only the small included GUI library are the real down-sides here.


At $65 US this is a real winner and definitely leaves you some money for that glass of wine.

I think you have to take a look at http://www.justinmind.com. It's by far the best price/features choice
11/06/2010 12:03:47 PM
Ralph Spandl
Thank-You Petra

Hopefully your research will be helpful to many other web developers.
20/01/2010 3:25:16 PM
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